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New Year…New Start? Or just the same old crap again?

January 4, 2014

It’s that time of year again isn’t it. All the alcohol fuelled optimism of New Years Eve quickly being replaced by the New Years Day hangover and realism that all is not as we hoped it would be. Only 4 days into 2014 and I am prompted by what I read to write this blog post to state how I feel about the latest revelations following the release of the Thatcher cabinet papers and the Twitter sphere’s reaction to them.

So just yesterday we had the proof that Thatcher lied to the electorate, that she and her ministers considered declaring a state of emergency and bringing the army in. We hear again accounts of the army being involved though dressed as police. A bloody disgrace and not the democracy most of us would like to believe we have.

So from the previous short paragraph it can be seen that I am no fan of Thatcher, I never was. But what has prompted this blog as much as the news is the comments on Twitter that are party biased in response to this news.

Take this one

“Michael Dugher (@MichaelDugherMP)
03/01/2014 14:42
My call for ministers to apologise to ex-miners after cabinet papers expose dishonesty of previous Conservative govt”

Now I agree with the MR Dugher, there should be a recognition and apology for the wrong done to the mining communities by the Conservative Government and in particular the deceit from Mrs Thatcher. But deceit is not restricted within a particular political party, it’s not only the Conservatives in the 1980’s who lied to achieve their goals. Tony Blair whilst a Labour PM infamously took us into a war with Iraq and this should be fully exposed and Blair and those responsible held to account, now, not after 30 years, if it is found that as claimed by some, he is a war criminal then he should be accountable now. I expect many members of the Labour Party would object to this but they shouldn’t especially if their objection is based on Party loyalty.

Blogger Guido Fawkes today tweeted

“Guido Fawkes (@GuidoFawkes)
04/01/2014 11:11
If @MichaelDugherMP wants apology for closure of coal mines, should start with Wilson, who closed more than Thatcher”

Now I am unfamiliar with the facts around this claim, besides it seeming to be an attempt at a get out of gaol free card currently used to excuse things from Thatcher and the miners, the bedroom tax (Labour did it first) and the NHS (Alan Milburn started it) But if Wilson lied to the public or acted dis-honestly then I agree with Guido, the Labour Party should be apologising for things done under the banner of their organisation.

Now bring it back up to date, we have the current Prime Minister David Cameron, who in the run up to the last election promised “No top down reform of the NHS”. We now know he lied about his intentions, Shadow Health Minister Lansley had already in place plans to do exactly that, plans written in a large part by the very people who stand to profit massively from the so called reforms that amount to privatisation of our Health Service. So Cameron should also apologise but there’s more.

In no way should these people or organisations benefit from their dis-honesty, lying, and fraud. Retrospectively honours should be removed from those bringing into dis-repute the position of leadership in our country. If Harold Wilson, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx, KG, OBE, FRS, FSS, PC did act dis-honestly, he should be known as Harold Wilson, drop all honours. Same with Thatcher, no longer known as Lady Thatcher as it is a title she did not deserve. Same with Blair, any honours given should be removed and an investigation undertaken to find the facts, and now back to Cameron.

Former Minister Michael Portillo has acknowledged that the Conservative Party did not declare their plans for the NHS before the last election as they knew they were a vote loser. So Cameron is currently Prime Minister fraudulently. He should (and if he won’t then the law should) declare an election now. Any money made by Ministers from laws and policies they have passed whilst in power fraudulently, should be taken from them. Why should liars be allowed to benefit from their dis-honest actions?

I could go on now about how our local politicians say one thing in opposition and then do the opposite in power. I do think the same rules should apply. I realise I will be accused of naivety or idealism but if we can’t set high standards for those in public office should we be suprised that our system with bankers similarly lying and cheating to line their own pockets leads to a dis-honest and corrupt society from top to bottom? We need a restart, clear out the rot, set those high standards, set an example, give us back the optimism that our country needs based on honesty, openness, truth and dignity, give us the role models we so desperately need.

I don’t accept that it’s always been like this and it always will be, what a defeatist attitude that is. I and I presume everyone, wants the best for our children and their children. A system that honours lying, theft, dis-honesty and cheating is not the best. Why should we accept this?

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